Board of directors


Executive Directors E Bell (Chairman)
JHC Haynes (Chief Executive Officer)
JT Bunkum FCA
J Yates-Round
A Kwarts
P van der Galiën
R Barker


Non-Executive Directors
S DaykinR,A
N WrightR, A
R Member of Remuneration & Nomination Committee
A Member of Audit Committee
Group Company Secretary
R Barker
Registered Office
Sparkford, Yeovil, Somerset BA22 7JJ
Company No. 659701
Executive directors' biographies
Eddie Bell - Chairman
Eddie has held a number of senior positions spanning over 30 years in book publishing. Latterly he was the Executive Chairman and Publisher for Harper Collins UK and during his tenure was responsible for publishing the memoirs of both Mikhail Gorbachev and Lady Thatcher, and the autobiography of John Major. Eddie has also held a number of non-Executive positions both within and outside the publishing industry and is currently a non-executive director of New Century Media Limited. On 20 May 2009, Eddie was appointed the Company’s Senior Independent Director. On 23 September 2015 Eddie was appointed Vice-Chairman and proceeded to undertake a Group operational and cost review. On 21 March 2016 Eddie was appointed Executive Chairman of the Group.
J Haynes - Chief Executive Officer
J joined the Board as a Non-Executive Director on 25 March 2000, having completed a two year MBA at the London Business School. J was formerly a Director at Beeson Gregory, a specialist investment bank, before which he worked for 5 years as a Graduate Trainee with Haynes North America, Inc. In January 2002, J was appointed Managing Director of the Group’s UK and European operations and in June 2008 became Group Vice Chairman. On 1 June 2010 J was appointed Group Chairman. J is a patron of Prospex, a London charity that supports young people by providing them with access to learning opportunities and social activities that help build life skills and self-confidence. On 21 March 2016 J stepped down as Chairman ahead of being appointed Chief Executive Officer from 1 June 2016.
James Bunkum - Chief Operating Officer
James is a Chartered Accountant who started his career with KPMG and joined Haynes in 1995 as UK Financial Controller and became UK & European Finance Director in 2001. After joining the UK Board James worked closely with the Group’s executive team on a number of key projects including the disposal of Sutton Publishing in 2007, the acquisition of the Vivid Group in 2008 and the sale of the UK Book Manufacturing Division in 2009. In 2008 James also took over the duties of Group Company Secretary until stepping down from this role in March 2016. In 2013/14 James worked with the Executive Team on the restructuring of the UK business and more recently worked with Eddie Bell on the Group’s operational and cost review. James was appointed to the Group Board in January 2016. On 1 June 2016, James was appointed Chief Financial Officer and on 1 February 2018, James took on the new role of Chief Operating Officer.
Jeremy Yates-Round - Managing Director Haynes Consumer
Jeremy has worked in publishing for over 30 years, gaining a sales background with Hodder & Stoughton in both domestic and international markets. During the 1990’s Jeremy moved into sales management with Collins becoming Deputy Managing Director of the Religious division. In 2001 Jeremy joined the Haynes Group as Sales and Marketing Director for the Haynes Book Division and in 2002 was appointed Managing Director of Sutton Publishing prior to its successful sale in 2007. Following this, Jeremy took over as Sales and Marketing Director of the Haynes UK operations and on 1 June 2010 was appointed Managing Director of the Haynes UK and European operations. Jeremy was appointed to the Group Board in June 2010 and was given additional responsibilities for group print publishing, production and the Haynes Australian business. In February 2018 Jeremy became Managing Director Haynes Consumer and took on the additional commercial responsibility for the Group's global consumer digital initiatives.
Alex Kwarts - Chief Technology Officer
Alex started his automotive career in 1985 with Olyslager, the Netherlands-based former publisher of Vehicle Owners Manuals and Technical Information for automotive professionals, where he became IT director and a member of the board. In 1995, together with two partners, Alex left Olyslager to form Vivid Automotive (rebranded HaynesPro in 2012) where from the outset the vision was to deliver automotive technical information in an entirely digital format. Indeed, Vivid Automotive was the first European company to offer automotive technical data via the Internet. Alex was the Company’s IT director from formation in 1995 and was appointed Managing Director in August 2009. Alex joined the Group Board in September 2010 and is resident in the Netherlands. On 21 March 2016 Alex was appointed Chief Technology Officer of the Haynes Publishing Group and retains an interest in HaynesPro as its Founder Director.
Peter van der Galiën - Managing Director Haynes Professional
Peter has over 25 years experience in international business. Following his education as an engineer in micro-electronics, Peter worked for 17 years at Motorola Inc. where he was promoted from Region Manager Benelux to Sales Director for Europe & Middle East’s Embedded Communications & Computing (ECC) Division. In 2004, Peter was appointed Managing Director of Motorola Netherlands, retaining his existing European responsibilities and became Director of Sales in Emerson Inc., following the acquisition of Motorola ECC in January 2008. In October 2009 he joined Vivid Automotive (rebranded HaynesPro in 2012) as Director Sales & Marketing. In May 2016, Peter was appointed Managing Director of the HaynesPro Group and was involved in the acquisitions of OATS in 2016 and E3 Technical in 2017. On 1 February 2018, Peter was appointed to the Haynes Group Board as Executive Director for the Haynes Professional business.
Richard Barker - Group Finance Director
Rich is a Fellow Certified and Chartered Accountant who joined the Haynes Group in 2010 as UK Financial Controller after reading Business Studies at Bournemouth University and undertaking his accountancy qualifications with Milsted Langdon LLP in the South West of England. At the end of 2014, Rich moved to the Netherlands to take up the position of HaynesPro Finance Director. On the 1 June 2016, Rich moved back to the UK to take a position on the UK Board as UK & European Finance Director retaining his HaynesPro responsibilities. Rich has been involved in the Group’s recent UK & European acquisitions and asset purchases namely, Teon, OATS, Bluffers and E3 Technical. Rich was appointed to the Group Board and became the Group’s Finance Director on 1 February 2018. Rich has also been the Group Company Secretary since March 2016.
Non-Executive directors' biographies
Stephen Daykin - Senior Independent Non-Executive Director
Stephen (Steve) was appointed a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee on 1 August 2016. Steve is a Chartered Accountant whose early career was spent with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Steve has been the CFO of two listed publishing businesses as well as working with private and private equity backed companies across several sectors including digital media, digital workflow and content marketing. Steve's most recent role was CFO of COPA90, a sports based digital video business based in London and New York. Steve Daykin does not have a service contract with the Company.
Nina Wright - Independent Non-Executive Director
Nina completed a BSC (Hons) Psychology Degree in Liverpool before undertaking a career in the media industry over 20 years ago. Cutting her teeth in sales at a specialist publisher, Nina has risen through the ranks and is now employed as a regional Managing Director at UBM Plc, a global b2b media company operating in over 30 countries in 70 vertical markets. Nina has significant experience in business turnaround through strategy creation and implementation, with notable expertise in digital and new technology including social media and engagement; content rich live events delivery; data & economic forecasting business growth; and developing a customer first business. Nina joined the board of Haynes as a Non-Executive Director on 1 August 2016. Nina Wright does not have a service contract with the Company.